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Diego Rivera Murals in Mexico City – post 1

Not far from the Zocalo in Mexico City is the Ministry of Education building (Secretaría de Educación Publica or SEP). It’s one of my favorite places in Mexico City. You would think it would be a stuffy office building but it isn’t. It’s a 3 story stone structure with halls open to a large courtyard and all of those halls are covered with murals by Diego Rivera. It’s a stunning sight to take in.

The day I visited was completely unplanned. We had walked around the Zocalo (our favorite destination in the city) and then continued exploring the surrounding streets. I had remembered that the SEP building was in the area and when we found it, I entered not knowing what to expect. I think that’s the best way to discover a treasure such as these murals. I was completely blown away by their vibrant colors, size, the expression in the faces, and how they seemed timeless. It was as if Diego could have been in the building the day before painting away on some small section of mural.

This is the place Diego and Frida met. He was working on these murals when she brought him a few of her paintings to get his opinion of her talent as an artist. You can feel that history when you roam these halls. Frida is even featured as a young revolutionary in one of the murals. I also spotted Diego among a crowd of people in another mural.

If you find yourself in Mexico City be sure to pay a visit to this remarkable place. I went in knowing virtually nothing about Diego and the murals. I left with awe and a desire to know more about the history and events he so perfectly captured here.

Here are a few of my photos



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