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Exploring Mexico – Santa Maria Pipioltepec

Santa Maria Pipioltepec or simply Pipiol, is a lovely town in the country in the state of Mexico. It is about 20 minutes from Valle de Bravo and you can take a local taxi, share the ride with others and pay about 20 pesos to get there. It is the site of a hacienda that… Continue reading Exploring Mexico – Santa Maria Pipioltepec

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Frogs, Deer, Mushrooms and Buttercups. Saturday Afternoon in Mexico.

Saturday we roamed around El PeƱon and San Juan Atezcapan in Central Mexico. It was a lovely day with the usual afternoon rain. We saw lots of Leopard frogs, cattle, sheep and wildflowers. We even saw two cute local kids out picking mushrooms. The rainy season is the perfect time to explore the Mexican countryside.… Continue reading Frogs, Deer, Mushrooms and Buttercups. Saturday Afternoon in Mexico.

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Rainy Season in Central Mexico

The rainy season lasts for 6 months here in Central Mexico and during that time everything is lush and green and covered with orchids and moss. This is makes for some amazing photos from the countryside. It is our favorite time to be out hiking the fields and dirt roads in small towns all within… Continue reading Rainy Season in Central Mexico

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Abundance in Central Mexico

Abundance was the theme of an afternoon walk this week. July in Central Mexico is full of fruit and flowers and insects. It is the rainy season and vegetation really takes off in mid-July. It seemed everywhere we looked trees were heavy with avocados and peaches and apples. Every flowering plant was in bloom and… Continue reading Abundance in Central Mexico

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Walking the meadows of Mexico

Central Mexico has lots of meadows and agricultural towns that are perfect locations for a relaxing day walking. During the rainy season, the meadows are lush with high grasses, mushrooms and wildflowers. With the flowers come hummingbirds, butterflies and so many bumble bees that their chorus of buzzing surrounds you as you walk. Here are… Continue reading Walking the meadows of Mexico