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Walking the meadows of Mexico

Central Mexico has lots of meadows and agricultural towns that are perfect locations for a relaxing day walking. During the rainy season, the meadows are lush with high grasses, mushrooms and wildflowers. With the flowers come hummingbirds, butterflies and so many bumble bees that their chorus of buzzing surrounds you as you walk. Here are… Continue reading Walking the meadows of Mexico

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Diego Rivera Murals in Mexico City – post 1

Not far from the Zocalo in Mexico City is the Ministry of Education building (Secretaría de Educación Publica or SEP). It’s one of my favorite places in Mexico City. You would think it would be a stuffy office building but it isn’t. It’s a 3 story stone structure with halls open to a large courtyard… Continue reading Diego Rivera Murals in Mexico City – post 1

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Always something inspiring on Pinterest

I am on Pinterest a lot. I have found great people to follow so I am always seeing inspiring images, textiles, art, buildings, murals and random loveliness. From time to time, I will share here a few things that stand out whether it is because of their color or design or just simply because they… Continue reading Always something inspiring on Pinterest

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Casa Azul House and Studio of Frida Kahlo

One of the perks of living in Mexico is that I am not far from Frida Kahlo’s house and studio. I have visited twice now and always walk through her home entranced by her possessions and art. It’s amazing to think of her daily routine within it’s walls. It’s a traditional style home with a… Continue reading Casa Azul House and Studio of Frida Kahlo